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fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)

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got around drawing those suggestions >:]

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Hello! My name is Kate, I’m 16. I live in Moscow, Russia. This year I’m going to take part in a project competition and I need your help to make a very special and international project.
Next year we celebrate a 70th Anniversary of the Victory in World War II. Almost every year many students in my country make projects about the war (mostly about period when Germany invaded the USSR), but I want to create something unusual and cover all years, all countries and all events of The Second World War.
If you spend 10 minutes of your free time to answer some questions (which do not require any special knowledge), you will make me very happy. Thank you!

Okay? Okay.

Working on the Fourth Doctor’s scarf ✨

RTD Era Companion Alphabet (inspired by x)

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